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  • Meow Music

    Digital Media Rights and Distribution
  • Digital ID Codes

    Meow Music is a licensed ISRC reseller
  • Digital Song and Album Registration

    Soundscan / SoundExchange / Gracenote / FreeDB - be sure to get credit for your sales and airplay and get your album info into the major online databases
  • Sell Your Own Music

    Meow Music will setup a Bandcamp page for your new album. Bandcamp allows you to sell your albums and songs digitally in all popular formats and sell your physical merchandise - and you get a much bigger percentage of your sales.
  • Website Development

    Through our sister company, Meow Technology, we offer website development for your band, using the WordPress platform.
  • Other Consulting Services

    Our sister company, Meow Consulting, is available to help you with other services - they can help manage your Twitter feed and Facebook page, create and distribute press releases, as well as other methods to help promote your music.

Let’s face it, you’re great at making music; you know how to write, play, sing, maybe even record your material yourself. But what about getting it out into the world? Sure, it’s all a whole lot easier than in the old record label system, but do you know how to get paid for digital downloads, and how to handle your own sales from your website (if you have a website)? That’s where Meow Music comes in . We’ve already figured this stuff out and done it for other musicians.

Let Meow Music handle your digital music distribution.

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